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Victorian Living Room Set

This is a very nice 4 piece Victorian Living room or Sitting room set.

1930's Marx Coke Stake Truck

This is a very nice and good condition 1930's Marx Coke Stake Truck. Though the decals are rough, this 1930's Marx Coke Stake Truck comes with new decals waiting to be put on.

1950's Red Buddy L Pickup

1950's Buddy L. red pickup. Pressed steel pickup truck. This Buddy L truck is in exceptional condition for being 60 plus years old.

Old Sleepy Eye Pitcher

Early 1900's Old Sleepy Eye Pitcher. There is one chip on the spout, but it is glazed over. I would say the chip is a manufactoring flaw. if you look closely at the photo of the base you can see the number 30 embossed in the bottom.

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